Our Story

I met the love of my life in 2002 and we got married in April 2004. We both wanted a big family and decided to start building one ASAP. Jeb was born in 2005 and Hannah in 2006. Married life with our two precious children was perfect…… until 2009 when Daniel was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Daniel had just had surgery to remove a spot on his ribs that doctors had thought was benign. And, then the doctor said that terrible, horrible word – CANCER. After a visit to MD Anderson and a meeting with Daniel’s awesome Chemo doctor – DR. Nadler, we began 6 LONG, HARD months of chemotherapy.

Daniel was such a trooper. He was such a good patient. I remember posting on facebook about his positive attitude and how he thought he was superman. He made it seem like he was handling chemo like a pro. However, he never once told me about all  the times he spent with his head in the toilet or how terrible he was feeling. He didn’t want me to worry about him. He always said “Im fine” with a smile.

After the 6th month of chemotherapy, Daniel’s treatment was finally over.  Since Daniel was feeling better and things had settled down, I decided to go to Hot Springs for a girls weekend trip. I wanted to relax and get pampered and rejuvinate myself. Little did I know what was about to happen…….. While at the spa, I had a stroke and was rushed to the ER. Daniel came to get me and took me home to Baylor in Dallas where they diagnosed the stroke and ran several tests.

Baylor did not find a reason for the stroke until I was admitted again for having a TIA. It was then that they found the PFO or hole in my heart. I was just about to have surgery to close the hole when I found out that I was pregnant with my beautiful son – Caleb. I found out at pre-op the night before surgery. Thank God for pre-op! Surgery was put on hold, Caleb was born, and two months later the hole in my heart was closed by the absolute best thoracic surgeon ever – Dr. Hebeler.

Yes, cancer and heart surgery, were extremely hard to go thru and deal with, but we are blessed and thankful for God giving both of us a second chance at life. So….. I am running this marathon to save lives!  But, I am also running it to celebrate my husband and mine’s lives!

1 thought on “Our Story

  1. I love this picture of you guys! It reminds me of the BEFORE cancer/stroke time and I remember thinking how glad you must have been to have this photo to capture the memory. You have a powerful love story to say the least. I think you both are amazing and I’m so proud to call you friends.

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