Big Shout Out to Irving Fire Dept.

Every fireman and his family knows that the Fire Dept is like a second family. It is the fireman’s second home. The other firemen he works with day after day are his brothers. And, I have learned that these brothers will do just about anything to help another fireman out.

While Daniel and I were in Houston at MD Anderson, we found out that doctors were recommending chemotherapy in order to keep the cancer from coming back. As reality was sinking in, the only thing Daniel could think about was how was he going to keep working while getting chemo and how was he going to keep taking care of his family.

I could tell that Daniel was starting to talk himself out of getting chemo.  So, I started thinking about how I was going to talk him into taking it.  I was not going to chance anything. I was not going to lose my husband to cancer.

By the end of our trip to MD, the firemen started calling, checking in, praying for him, and seeing what they could do. One after one kept calling, telling Daniel that he needed to do the chemo and to not worry about work. They were all going to take care of him.

Daniel had to be off of work for 6 months of chemotherapy. He could not go to work at all. The Irving Fire Dept. worked for Daniel every 3rd day for 6 months so that we would still have money to live on.  So, he could take care of his family while sick. So, he would still have a job!

These men are awesome! Daniel and I cannot express how truly thankful we are for these men. They are amazing. They are family!

This June, IFD is supportin a local run called the Hero Rush. Check it out :

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