God will Test Your Faith

As Dan and I are walking into church this morning, we run into Pastor Bruce. We shake hands and express greetings to one another. He then says to us ” Today’s sermon is going to speak right to both of you.”

The message from today’s sermon at Waxahachie Bible Church was very awesome! Just because you believe in God does not mean that you are going to have an easy life. God is going to test you. You might lose a job, have problems with your marriage, problems with your health, etc. These problems, these tests, are challenging your faith. God does not test you because He hates you. He tests you because He LOVES you and wants to bring you closer to Him. He wants to strengthen your soul, your faith in Him.

Pastor Bruce was right. I felt like he was talking straight to Dan and I. Having Cancer and Heart issues were definitely tests to our faith. Daniel already had a very strong Faith in God and would always tell me that everything was going to be ok and that it was out of our hands. I on the other hand, had a strong faith in God, but I still couldn’t understand the part about not being able to control what happens. When I became pregnant with Caleb and couldn’t have surgery, I was so crushed and SCARED. How was I going to survive 9 months of pregnancy, plus giving birth with such a large hole in my heart. I tried to control the situation and tried as hard as I could to persuade the doctors to do the heart surgery while pregnant.

I turned to Daniel, my family, friends, to Terry at Waxahachie Bible Church for answers. Then, one day, it finally dawned on me that I was going to be ok. I knew that this was a test of my faith and I gave up all my worries and put my life in His hands. Oh, how powerful our test was to us! I know that God LOVES Dand and I. I know that He will take care of us. He has a plan for us that we have no power over. We just have to BELIEVE!

The Waxahahcie Bible Church has been wonderful to us. During Dan’s cancer, the birth of Caleb, and my recovery after surgery, they were there for us. Whether it was to listen to our fears, pray for us, or even bring food to the home to help feed us. They were always there.

Once things had quieted down and both Dan and I were in good health, we had Pastor Bruce renew our wedding vows. Dan and I had a strong marriage to begin with – before we both got sick. However, God’s test not only brought us closer to Him but it brought us closer to each other. After going thru what we went to, I know that Dan and I can get through anything together.


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