Emotional yet Wonderul Night

 As I was looking thru all of my pictures and keepsakes, I found this letter. When Daniel was done with his chemotherapy, we had a party to celebrate and thank everyone for helping us so much. I wrote the following letter thanking everyone at the party. Since I had just had a stroke, my speach was very slow and pronunctiation was off so I had Richard, my father in law, read the letter for me.

I would like to Thank everyone for coming tonight. Yes, we are here to celebrate the end of Daniel’s chemo, but we are also here to Thank each and every one of you for helping us get though   this past year. This year has been extremely tough for both of us. I have had   to put on a tough face this year in order to be strong for Daniel and to just get by. To some of you, this year of chemo might seem like it was fairly easy   for us, but, it has been nothing but challenging to us. It is such a relief   to know that it is finally over.

All of you have helped us out in   many ways. Both of our parents have been so helpful with taking care of   the kids and cooking us meals when needed or helping take care of regular   daily life routines. Our parents, Richard and Karen Rozier and Shirley and   William Trull are by far the best parents in the world!  

We are also thankful for several   family members who have helped bring food to the hospital for Daniel   and I, have visited with us, and have even offered a place for me to stay   instead of sleeping on those hospital pull out chairs. Many friends have also   visited us in the hospital or provided snack baskets so Daniel   wouldn’t have to eat the hospital food. Here is a short list of other   things friends and family have done: one friend has mowed our yard every week   of the summer, friends have sent positive emails every week and others   have sent emails of prayer, one friend gave me money to use on the kids   only –to take them to the movies and spend a special day with   them, and to my best friend who has been there for me from the very beginning   to the end.. She has listened to my fears over and over and has been there   for me when I couldn’t be strong anymore and needed a shoulder to cry on. She   is the true meaning of a FRIEND. I am so thankful.  The list can go on and on. We had so   many people do so many wonderful things for us during this time.   All of you have made a huge impact on our lives this year. I’m sorry if I   miss or leave anyone out.

At this time, I would like to   acknowledge a few special people. I would like to first thank my job and   my bosses at ECI which is Rebecca Armbrust and Veshia Bowen. (Please   stand)  They have worked with me thru all of this and have   made it possible for me to not only work but to still be able to   concentrate on my husband and his treatments. It has been so great to not   have any pressure from my job. Thank you very much!  You both   deserve a round of applause.

I also would like to   acknowledge the Irving Fire Dept!! Stand up guys…… I am so extremely   proud to be apart of the Irving Fire Dept. Family. You guys   are sooooo awesome! The firemen of the Irving Fire Dept. have been   working for 6 months in Daniel’s place at work. He has not missed a day at   work nor has he missed a paycheck. When we found out that Daniel needed   6 months of chemo, Daniel was not going to go thru with it because he   thought he might lose his job or we would go   bankrupt. Daniel instantly received so many   phone calls from the guys at the fire dept.  telling him not   to worry about money or his job. They said that they would take care of him   no matter what. You guys made his decision to have chemo so much easier   for him.  Yall also made me   not have to beg my husband to do the chemo. Not only did yall work for   him for 6 months, but yall also stopped by the hospital, called, visited at   home, and even took him out to eat a time or two. I don’t know of many jobs   like this. Yall are like our second family. You all are so wonderful and   I cannot thank you enough!  (Applause)

I also must acknowledge Dan’s   doctor — Dr. Nadler.. (stand up). I must be honest and say that before I met   Dr. Nadler I had my mind made up and we were going to go to MD Anderson to   get nothing but the best treatment for my husband. Then, I met Dr. Nadler and   I learned that he is the best chemo doctor I know and that my husband was   completely safe in his hands. Dr. Nadler was the best treatment for my   husband. Whatever he said, we trusted and have had complete faith in him. I   thank Dr. Nadler for taking such good care of my husband and putting my   nerves at ease..

Last but not least, I thank my   husband for agreeing to go thru 6 months of chemo. It has been extremely hard   to watch him be poisoned every 3 weeks and then to see him feel horrible day   after day.  I thank my husband for being such a great patient   and being so strong. There is no one else that holds a candle to you. You are   the bravest and strongest man I know and I look forward to growing   old with you! This is only the beginning of our life together. You   have to put up with me for at least another 50 more years. I love You!

 This Celebration party was a very emotional night. Dan and I are so grateful for God’s grace and the outpouring support we received from family, friends, and co-workers. We are very, very blessed to have so many people love us and be a part of our life!

My brother and sister-in-law live in colorado. They were not planning on coming to the party since they were so far away. However, when my mom called my brother Friday afternoon, the night before the party, and told him I was in the hospital because I had a stroke. He and Katy jumped on a flight that night and was at my bedside saturday morning in the hospital. Thankfully, I was released Saturday afternoon and with their help and my parent’s help, we all made it to the party. They are awesome!

I know I mentioned this in my letter above, but I must mention it again. My parents and Daniel’s parents are absolutely wonderful. They are always, always there for us and willing to help out however we need them to. We are very lucky to have parents like them. They are very appreciated and loved very much.

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