I am extremely proud to say that I completed my very first half marathon Sunday, February 26th —- the FT Worth Cowtown! And, it was awesome!

I was extrememly nervous before the race for several reasons:   1-  I had injured both my achilles and knee 3-4 weeks ago      2 – the most I had ran in the last few weeks was 6 miles at one time and        3- this was my First Half Marathon!

I have no clue why I worried so much. There was no way that I was not going to finish this race…… especially with the encouragement and support from all my family, friends, and run mates — The Waxahachie Running Group.

Almost all of the Waxahachie Running Group started the race together in corral #2.  Of course, we have people running all different paces and most of us separated and paired up for the run as the race started. I paired up with Denise Wright. She stayed by my side the entire race. I think she knew I might need an extra push to keep me going. By mile 11, I had told her to go ahead and take off without me. I was starting to fall behind and was not keep up with her pace. She ran slightly ahead of me, yet kept me in eye sight. By mile 12, she had turned around and ran back by my side for the finish. I will never forget her words ” We started together and we will finish together.” Such an amazing person! She could’ve finished the race at least 10 minutes earlier.

Mile 12 was extremely hard for me. I think I might have walked it if Denise wasn’t by my side. As we kept moving along, I saw the finish line in the distance…… That’s when it all changed. It is amazing how much more energy I got from seeing that finish line. And, I knew my family was waiting there for me and I couldn’t wait to celebrate with them! Denise and I gave it all we had left and finished strong. Final Chip time was 2 hrs 17 min.

During the race, I posted the start of the run on facebook. If my friends “liked” the post, I could hear cheering in my headphones everytime someone “liked” it. I received So Many cheers throughout the race. Everytime I wanted to slow down or walk, I got a cheer. What encouragement! I knew that people were watching me on facebook and knew I had to give it my all. As I was running, I saw a sign in the crowd that read ” Pain is temporary. Pride is Forever!” How true those words are!

Denise and I re-united with the rest of the Waxahahcie Running Group after the race. Congrats, hugs, and hi-fives were given. We had several runners with new PR’s and others like me who had just completed his / her first Half!

To everyone who loves to run……I recommend joining a  local running group. I have not been a member for very long, but have already learned a LOT from them! These experienced runners are full of great advice, they are fun to run with, and provide great support (and will wear a tutu along side with you. lol).  I am looking forward to years and years of races with these guys and gals! If you live in the Waxahachie Area, look us up on facebook!

So, I ask myself, what race is next? Maybe The Dallas Rock N Roll Half or the The Big D Half. Or maybe both!

San Antonio – Rock N Roll Marathon – November 11th 2012. I will be running with the American Cancer Society. Donations can be made at the following link :

If anyone would like to join my team for the marathon, please do. Would love to have company!



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