Crossfit : Another Blessing in my Life

From the moment I had my stroke to my current journey of conquering a full marathon, I am amazed and blown away by the community’s support and encouragement to help build a stronger, healthier me : Early Childhood Intervention (my job),Waxahachie Bible Church,  Baylorworx- Cardiac Rehab, Sports Orthopedic Clinic- Dr. Perrot, Waxahachie Running Club, and now Waxahachie Crossfit!

I started classes at Crossfit not too long ago – April 2012. And, I had no clue what to expect. All I knew was that crossfit supposedly prepared my body for better fitness so that I could improve in any activity and/or sport – such as RUNNING. But, I’ll be honest – I had my doubts at first.  I was extremely scared of the WOD’s (workout of the day), all of my muscles were sore, and my weekly running mileage was decreasing.  How were squats, push-ups, pull-ups,and  power cleans going to improve my endurance? How was Crossfit going to improve my running? After only 2 weeks, I almost quit.

Then two things happened: 1- I started feeling the benefits of crossfit and   2- my run/ race times started improving!!  How amazing. Almost every race I ran since starting crossfit, I have PR’d! The most recent race I ran was the Wounded Warrior and I ran it under 2 hrs 10min. Getting closer and closer to that sub 2!

The benefits of Crossfit Rock : improved cardiovascular endurance, an amazing sense of accomplishment in reaching new goals day after day, increased energy throughout the day, increased sleep quality, decreased stress levels, and a better mood and positive outlook on life. I am loving life and am feeling awesome!

If you want the same benefits, want to improve your fitness level, are bored with your current gym routine, then Crossfit is for you. Coach – Chris Biles, is amazing. And, the crossfitters who go there are absolutely fabulous! They are the most kind, energetic, supportive, goal oriented people I have ever met. They have a passion for fitness and work together as a team to help one another reach his / her goals. I love going to the box and look forward to each WOD. I have learned that feeling scared is a good thing. The more scared I am, the harder the WOD is.  But, as soon as I crush it, I feel such a sense of accomplishment…. a feeling of success! I can’t wait to see where I am at a year from now! Check out Waxahachie crossfit at the following website: .

WRC (Waxahachie Running Club) and Crossfit Waxahachie working together to improve fitness! Group Runs at the Park!

It is only 19 weeks until my full marathon in San Antonio. Training will start in a few weeks and I am WAY Excited! I will be running with the American Cancer Society Team in honor of my survivor – My husband – Daniel. Please help me raise money by clicking on the link below. Thank YOu!!

I am on Arturo Torres’ Team. He is the team captain for ACS and this is his page.

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