Susan G. Komen – Greater Fort Worth

Today I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K with two friends dear to me – Shaun and Megan Sanders.  They had ran the race last year and were running it again in memory of Shaun’s mom.            

It is easy to see that this is a very emotional race. People everywhere had pink papers pinned to them of loved ones they were running in memory of or those who were breast cancer survivors or those currently fighting this horrible illness. I even saw a group of firemen dressed in their bunker gear running the 5K for a fellow fireman’s mom. It was amazing! There were also lots of funny costumes worn – several shirts talking about Tatas, Boobies, and so on. And even a man running in shorts and a decorated bra! Lol

This is the first weekend that I am running both saturday (5K) and Sunday (half). So, I was unsure how I should run the 5K. I was even contemplating walking it so that I would save more of my energy for Big D Half tomorrow. However, I decided to run it the best I could. My reasoning behind my decision was this: I am in no shape to beat my last Half. But, I can definitely PR my last 5K. So…….. why not go for the PR!

Before starting the race, Shaun and Megan warned me about the first hill of mile one. However, they forgot to tell me about the last hill at mile 3 that was killer! ( Course had changed. They didn’t know either. LOL) I am GLAD that course is 3.2 miles and not more. Way too hilly. So, my game plan was to run at a 8 min 50 sec mile pace since it was only a 5K. It was a pretty good judgement this time because by the time I crossed finish line, I don’t think I could’ve gone any further. My energy was depleted! New 5K PR of 27 min 32 sec. My last 5K was 30 min and a few seconds. So, I am pleased with my progress. Not sure how much faster this injury proned lady can get!

The after party was great! The crowd was not too big and the free food / drinks were excellent. It included: ice cream, strawberry milk, pink pancakes, bananas, oranges, apples, pears, donuts ( chocolate, white powder, and cinnamon), smoothies, water, sodas, etc.

Enjoyed this run – the distance, the course, the music, the food……. But, most of all, loved running with good friends for a good cause! Running to honor Brenda Sanders ….. her memory……her legacy lives on!

Now I must try to rest and refuel….Got a big day coming up — BIG D Half Marathon in the morning! Wish me Luck!



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